What a great day!

Thailand giveth and it taketh away….and then sometimes it giveth back. Today it gave me a fun island exploration trip, a sunburn, and great food. It took from me my dearly loved army boonie hat…blew right off my head while I was on top the boat and we were under way. I was all set to cry in my beer tonight at yet another field loss (IPOD, 2 pairs of flipflops, and now my hat?) but at the end of the trip one of the boat crew walked up and handed me my hat!! I have no idea how he did that, I watched with my own 2 eyes as it blew away (I was at the very back of the boat) and was swallowed up by the Andaman sea. It was wet, surely he didnt go get it? We were on the move. I dont know how, but its a miracle and boosted my morale so high.

I am in Khlao Koang, a small beach on the island of Ko Lanta. I took a 4 island tour today on a boat, did some awesome snorkeling, and swam into a sea cave that went for a long time. Its a little strange swimming in pitch dark in a cave, but then it opened up into a beautiful secret spot with 300ft rock walls in all directions. The national park sign said that pirates used to hide treasures there…unfortunately I did not pack my metal detector. We were offered life jackets but Im a decent swimmer so I declined. Bad mistake….we swam, and swam, and swam..and the water isnt that salty so you sink faster in the cave for some reason. It was a great workout though.

I have met many friendly Thais where I am at. Last night, we played Jenga and messed around until 01:00am. They guys at my new bungalow are very cool and talkative…its nice to hang with some Thais instead of the usual farang backpackers sometimes. One even invited me to his house in Saladan village, which is where I am sitting now. I had some real authentic Thai curry that his wife made and it lit my taste buds on fire. So wonderful though!

I am growing restless here on Ko Lanta though. The only thing left I really want to see is a sea gypsy village on the opposite tip of the island. I’ll have to hire a bike to get there. Sea gypsies……WTF is a sea gypsy? Sounds cool though. Maybe I will meet a sexy sea gypsy and join their camp. Day after tomorrow Im going to head to the famous Ko Phi Phi where the Tsunami really raised hell. Ive heard from many travelers that it is beautiful but expensive and touristy. It may very well be my last island stop before I head north and Ive got many friends that are there or going there.

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