What a feeling!

I watched in amazement as about a kilogram of sand came out of the bottom of my backpack.

Yes, I am just now getting around to taking care of my post SE Asia trip maintenance. 🙂 It probably would have sat longer if I did not need my backpack for Chicago tonight. I washed my silk Jagbag (http://www.jagbags.co.nz) and found a dead bug in it. He no doubt had fed on me during my last night in Bangkok, and now I had transported his crispy shell 10K miles back to the US for free. With the exception of a trip to Boulder, Colorado last year, I have not really done much “backpacking” around the US, so packing for this trip has been interesting. Although its a short 1 week dash to Chicago, the current weather makes packing a challenge…70s during the day, some rain, then 40s at night. Also, there are some nice Sinatra/rat pack type clubs there that I want to get into and cammo shorts, flipflops, and no shirt just wont cut it like they do in Thailand.

Once again, I can feel the anticipation in my heartbeat, a small amount of adrenaline sneaking its way into my bloodstream during the preparation of this trip. I will never get over the addiction to the sensation of knowing that something unknown is coming up soon. Even while I was in the army, I absolutely loved the packing and preparation for a training exercise in the field. I perform the tasks with music, smile on my face, and enjoy every minute. I consider it a part of the adventure rather than a necessary evil that must be completed.

I am taking an 8 hour, overnight greyhound bus. This is my most extended bus trip in America as well. My peers that I told gasped in horror when I said that I had booked a bus, which was an even cheaper option than driving given the current fuel prices and the fact that I drive a V8 5.0L. I am thinking that this will be luxury compared to my last 8 hour bus, which was from Siem Reap, Cambodia to the town of Trat on the coast near Ko Chang…..it was weeks ago and I am still recovering. 🙂

I may or may not have internet access while I am gone, Im sure that in Chicago it will be more expensive than 1 baht a minute. If I stumble upon anything interesting in Chi-town I will write about it when I return.

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