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If you are reading this then either Google tricked you, StumbleUpon screwed you, or you did follow the URL change from my old blog…no matter how you wandered into this obscure corner of the Matrix, welcome!

After nearly three years of hosting my blog at bootsnall.com (great people by the way) I decided to let my own gnomes run things in-house and made the big move. If you were a reader of Vagabonding Begins — thank you for keeping up and I promise it will be the last bookmark change!
To summarize the last three years of blogging so you don’t have to read it:

  1. Greg sits in cubicle.
  2. Greg realizes cubicles suck.
  3. Greg “flips out” minus the machine gun, packs a backpack, and hits the road.

After 16 countries (plus Alaska twice and Hawaii three times), I’ve got some good adventures, pictures, and scars to keep you entertained at work as an alternative to things like this. (only slightly more brain-engaging, mind you)

I have decided to make a vagabonding life of travel and want to share the big picture with anyone interested. This includes working in between trips as well as articles about the lifestyle, and past adventures. Some people have been reading for years and I have been fortunate enough to meet many new friends in the field. Everyone that crosses our path leaves a little something with us — and I am a product of all those wonderful people.

If you are wondering what a vagabonding lifestyle is (no it doesn’t mean I sit under a bridge with a sign….at least not yet) then check this out: What is vagabonding?

If too many words hurt your eyes, go browse through my adventure photos instead or get the extreme summary on my homepage.
Enough of this foolishness….May there always be a road!

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