The cold rain was stinging my face as we made our own lane and shot between stopped cars on our motorbike.

Earlier this morning, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes at 08:15 this morning and met Paola for our trip to Venezia (Venice for us non-Italians). The anticipation of going to such a famous city was killing me!

We barely made it out of the car park before we joined a gaggle of morning traffic that was sure to make us miss our train. As time was running short, Paola made the decision to turn around and go get her motorbike. We dashed inside, snapped our helmets on, and hit the street at full throttle on the bike. The rain turned from a cold drizzle to a steady rain, and bit at the exposed skin on our face and hands. She gave me the closest ride to a Bangkok motorcycle taxi that I have had since the Spring, weaving in and out of traffic, and using the wrong side of the road to pass a multitude of dormant cars. It was win-win, I would either be dead or end up in Venice, either way I would escape this crap weather and be happy. 🙂

We made it to the train station, parked the scooter on the sidewalk, and with lots of “scusis” fought our way inside. To our horror, we found a huge queue to buy tickets, all the machines were broken, but there was still hope…our train was delayed 10 minutes! After burning the 10 minutes up, we were running with tickets in hand to the platform and were only meters from our waiting train…success!

….or not.

Our smiles disappeared fast when the train let out a defiant puff of white smoke and lurched forward, full of dry, happy people on their way to Venice. We would not be one of them today. I don’t know what Paola said in Italian, but I could tell by the expressions of the people around us that it was not to be repeated.

We decided to salvage the day and moved the trip to Friday, when the weather was supposed to be more pleasant, and crashed in a nice cafe near the city centre for some espresso to warm up. Mission postponed, but it turned out to be yet another awesome day in Italia anyway as we made the best of it practicing language and goofing off. Paola is an English teacher, and between her and Giulia, I have learned an amazing amount of Italian very quickly. In fact, I find myself writing the Italian words first sometimes in my journal, rather than the English words! I am speaking it every chance that I get, and I have never enjoyed a new language so much.

Life is cold and wet, but it is good!