I’m not a big fan of checklist travel, but this is different!

I believe you have to write your goals down to achieve them.

So, I have decided to make my vagabonding goals and life adventure bucket list public. Some are travel, some are adventure, and some are just interesting things that I want to experience before I get too old (or dead) to do so.

Regardless, by making my life-adventure goals public, I am taking a silent vow to diligently work on them and to not let opportunity get away. I am committed!

This list has been hidden snugly in my head for years, some items have been there since I was eating my own boogers. (longer ago than you think)  It isn’t static, I am sure to be adding new entries as I meet people with interesting tales of past adventures.

You can monitor my progress by checking the Life Adventures tab at the top of this page. Or…just for fun, here are my completed and soon-to-be completed life goals….


Current List of Goals

  1. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
  2. Ride on top of a train in India
  3. Dive in a shark cage
  4. Visit all 50 states
  5. Go hang gliding
  6. Go to a Burning Man festival
  7. Try white water rafting in real rapids
  8. Become proficiently bilingual in a foreign language
  9. Do a volunteer project
  10. Write a book
  11. Learn to snowboard
  12. Learn to Latin dance (well)
  13. Spend a week in the wild alone
  14. Go trekking in Papua, New Guinea
  15. Learn to ride a horse (well)
  16. Finish a 5 day fast
  17. Learn mountaineering
  18. Have a vision in a native American sweat lodge
  19. Visit Tibet
  20. Visit Everest Base Camp in Nepal
  21. Visit Burma (Myanmar)
  22. Learn to sail
  23. Live on a deserted island
  24. Walk in an active lava field
  25. Ride a motorcycle larger than 500cc
  26. Travel from point A to point B by train hopping
  27. Sleep in the desert
  28. Walk on all 7 continents
  29. Try zero budget travel
  30. Get a bamboo/traditional tattoo
  31. Visit my Dutch friend Suus living in her windmill.

Goals Completed So Far:

  1. Try skydiving
  2. Try bungee jumping
  3. Learn to Scuba Dive
  4. Go inside a shipwreck
  5. Solo (without protection) rock climb a named peak
  6. Have a grizzly encounter in the wild
  7. Swim with sharks
  8. Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  9. Study Shaolin Kung Fu in China
  10. Learn to drive a motorcycle
  11. Go hitchhiking
  12. Shoot a machine gun
  13. See Komodo dragons in the wild
  14. Try surfing
  15. Use a machete in the jungle
  16. Try cliff diving
  17. Live with locals in a country
  18. See a full moon party in Ko Phangan, Thailand
  19. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  20. Walk on a glacier
  21. Walk on a nude beach (nude, of course)
  22. Land a pre-paid travel writing assignment
  23. See the Egyptian Pyramids and Valley of the Kings
  24. Stand on top of an active volcano
  25. Bribe a foreign official to get out of trouble
  26. Go fishing in Alaska
  27. Become self employed
  28. Go into an underwater cave
  29. Shoot something and eat it
  30. Pet a tiger
  31. Learn to spin a fire torch
  32. Ride an elephant
  33. Visit Machu Picchu
  34. Meet my favorite travel writer (Rolf Potts)