Vagabonding begins (soon)

People that have followed my blog this year know that I have been itching for an adventure. The kind that when someone stuck at home working asks you “how was it” you just look at them in silence because you don’t know how to communicate it.

There was speculation that maybe I had hit the peak of my vagabonding in Egypt last year. Sure, I have been blessed with trips to Mexico (for almost a month), Jamaica, and Alaska this year – but they were relatively short trips and not what I would call real “vagabonding”. After waiting all year, I now find myself looking down the barrel of a serious vagabonding adventure. It is about time, I was almost thinking about changing the name of this blog to “Short holiday begins…” 🙂


I leave in 36 hours.

What a complex place to tackle. My original plan was to study Kung Fu in China, then go to Nepal for an Everest trek, then India to warm up. However, I will stay in China until Christmas if that’s what it takes to unlock this huge country full of mysteries. I would rather start to get into the minds of the people in one culture than to “do” several countries as some of the Lonely Planet butterflies call it. I do have a return Skymiles ticket flight from London on December 11, but that is nothing a $50 change fee can’t fix. After 1 month near ZhengZhou to study Shaolin, I will wander this country until either:

1) It kills me
2) I run out of money
3) I feel a connection and that it is time to move on

Now on to the depressing news. Financially, this is undoubtedly my last extended adventure. It is amazing the kind of beating a bank account can take after being away from full time work for almost 2 years. 🙂 I have even run out of personal possessions to sell. (barring my truck, so don’t give me any ideas!) I remember when I met some hard core travelers in Kanchanaburi, Thailand in January 2006 on my first real trip, they said that they had been vagabonding for 2 years, I thought…..”holy crap, that’s impossible”! It’s funny how time flies when you are doing this. 🙂

2008 will be a year for action, to continue this lifestyle I will have to either commit to WOOF (living on a hippie farm in Australia or Hawaii), join a volunteer project somewhere warm, or go be a contractor in some delightfully warm, yet dangerous sandbox like Afghanistan. I guess there is always the unthinkable as well – get a real job. Unfortunately, I can feel that “last trip” pressure already creeping into my planning for China. I am going to have to fight the urge to rush, or to skip activities because of budget.

However, this is not 2008. The past is gone, and the future is a myth, so I am going to step boldly into the present. I’ve got a backpack to pack.

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  1. Can’t wait to here about it all! Have an amazing time.nrnrRob

  2. GO GREG!!!!!! rock China like no one else!!! all the best my friend all the best 🙂

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