Vagabonding Begins (again!)

Well I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news….I’m sitting here in Bali, Indonesia writing this.

The bad news?  I let down some of my long term readers by keeping my trip under wraps.  Considering that I have been trying to hit the road since January of this year, and the fertile potential for sabotage in my life, I decided to keep things hush rather than building it up on here.

Long story short, I saw a good deal to Bali come across with less than 2 weeks of notice, so I grabbed it.

23 hours of airplane time + 8 hours of sleeping in airports later and I find myself deposited on an island right on the equator. Life can be so strange. 🙂

This trip is going to be completely different than in years past.  For starters, I have completely impossible budget goals. My budget barely affords me to sleep on the beach.   Second, unlike my first trip when I didn’t need electricity for anything, I am traveling heavy with about $5K in fragile electronics including my camera stuff and a laptop. 20 Kilograms in all – bleh.

I made the decision in hopes of finding some work along the way.

I also have no itinerary but hope to wind my way through the islands in java for a couple of months including Komodo (home of the giant child eating lizards) and end up in New Guinea – the last truy wild place left on the planet where a guy can get a poisonous dart in the butt.

Unfortunately I have dragged a laptop to the opposite side of the planet and am having no luck in finding wireless here – so I am paying to sit here typing on a keyboard missing half the keys, telling myself that I will re-write these entries later!

The even better news?  Now I might have something worth writing about – so stick around!

Finally….after hanging around the US far too long…here we go!

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2 Responses to “Vagabonding Begins (again!)”

  1. YAY! You’re making me jealous… we have been in one place way too long! Hope you’re having a great time!

  2. If you have your camera stuff with you, make some very short videos, and BEFORE you put them on this website, try to sell them to Travel Channel, Current TV, etc. It may just pay for your trip – with an upgrade. Email me and I can give you more details. Good luck ! I am very proud of your departure with no planning and a 2 weeks notice. Wow!

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