Vagabond Blues

No, not the cool coffee shop in Palmer, Alaska.

I’m talking about the new low of being home after such a high as traveling.

My muscles quiver and ache, thirsting to absorb some type of adrenaline. I toss and turn at night, I haven’t had a proper night of sleep since I got home, sometimes prompting me to stay in bed until after noon. Why get up earlier? I know what lies waiting for me right outside my door, unlike when I am someplace new.

It is unfortunate, but I am not nearly as excited about this Europe trip as I should be. My trip is less than 3 weeks away and I haven’t even nailed down an itinerary yet. Sure, I am thrilled about seeing my friends I met on the road, I miss them dearly. However, something in my gut is telling me that this is not right. I haven’t asked the first question about my Europe plans in the forums on Boots-n-all, I have barely opened my huge Lonely Planet “Europe on a shoestring”, it sits collecting dust, and all that I can think about is being someplace cheap and exotic again. Don’t get me wrong, Europe is full of culture, history, sights, and loads of craic and fun are waiting for me in the pubs I am sure. However, so are the enormous, exchange rate-boosted tabs.

I think I crave ambient danger.

I miss diving shipwrecks with nitrogen narcosis. I miss snorkeling with reef sharks. I miss eating unidentified meats on a stick and playing bacteria-roulette at street BBQs. I miss dancing around landmines on 1000 year old temple ruins. I miss dancing until sunrise and sharing sweat with strangers from all over the planet.

Hell, in Bangkok 36 people die a day from traffic accidents…it’s a thrill just riding a motorcycle from point A to point B!

Can I get the same feeling from traveling around Europe? With the inflation and current exchange rate, will I get enough adventure-bang-for-my-buck? I am having second thoughts. This is going to be an interesting week as I do some soul searching and decide on my next destination.

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  1. you should go to Australia.

  2. or even China =)

  3. Jessica Matthews August 6, 2006 at 17:47 pm

    or alaska again!!!!!!!!!

  4. If you suggest destinations you have to at least make a Paypal donation as well. 🙂 Come on people, these things take funds!!!!!

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