Update from Ko Phi Phi

I walked up to the viewpoint here today where you can see the entire island. Lots of damn steps, I was drenched with sweat by time I got down. However, I ran into an English guy that had the Bangkok post newspaper story about the Tsunami scare. Apparently, there have been 31 small tremors in this area in the last 3 days so geologists are very interested. The last tremor, the one that ran me out of the bar on Sat. night, was actually felt in Phuket, another island close to here….so it caused a panic. At least it wasn’t just a drunk idiot that caused this like I first though, there was a true geological worry. Lots of people talking about it today as it may have made the news in other countries as well. I’m actually thrilled that I was here for it!

I did my night dive last night, first of five for my advanced certification. Very cool jumping into black water at night. I was a bit nervous but excited as well. The moon was almost full so we had enough light to see a little even without our torches. Unfortunately there weren’t many fish, we did see the eerie glowing phosphorescents that produce their own light, a crab, and several Great Barracudas that would use our lights for hunting! The instructor shined his light on a small unsuspecting fish (poor bastard) and in a flash, a giant barracuda would come from nowhere and eat him. The instructor got to play god, shining his light on whatever fish we decided to terminate next.

Had another one of the giant spiders in my room last night. I thought the ones in Railay were big, but this was honestly the largest spider I have ever seen in the wild. He was in the doorway, watching me with his 6 eyes. Yes, it was so large you can see each eye. As big as my hand, I have pictures to prove. I think maybe he had come to avenge the death of his brother who died valiantly in my bathroom the night before. Like the first one, I took my firetorch and executed it, but not without a fight. It was intelligent enough to jump around each time I thrusted forward with my weapon….it actually put up a fight and ran towards my feet!

Now this is a proper spider!!!!

PADI homework is a major pain in the ass on holiday. Why did I do this to myself? 🙂

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