Unrest in Thailand

In case you hadn’t heard, more civil unrest has popped up in Thailand at the main airport.

I find this very disturbing, first because Thailand is one of my favorite places, and second because I have lots of friends living there or in route there for the holidays.

So far there have been a few small explosions and mixed reports about injuries / deaths. Like usual, they are not targeting farang visitors – this is not terrorism, so travelers are safe but will have some bonus stress while flying. The Thai people love their king, but are basically fed up big time with their prime minister.

I was there during their election and witnessed first hand the controversy, anger, and shouting that came along with the new prime minister. Then I came home and got to go through the same thing again for the US…politics…bleh.

If you have a trip planned, some flights are being diverted to the old airport – World Nomads (the guys I get my travel insurance from) has a great site set up for tracking the situation in Thailand.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the hot trend on the web is Twitter. If you ever needed to know when some of your favorite people are going to the bathroom, this is the tool for you. I still don’t understand what the hell it does, but I do post frequent updates and snippets on the fly as I hear them from other travelers. Click here to start following my updates.

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