I can’t believe I’m this sick.

For some reason, I could eat roadkill prepared in a filthy wok in the dirtiest alley of Bangkok, served by someone that is probably stirring my food with the same left hand that she wiped her bottom with an hour ago (toilet paper is for tourists and pansies) and I wouldn’t have as much as a sniffle. But let some kid in a Batman costume on the other side of the mall sneeze and I find myself one of the newest lucky flu victims.

I’ve been stuck in the house, and mostly in bed, since Monday. Aside from the usual blessings that the flu brings, I have a mysterious shooting pain in my right kidney that literally brings me to my knees. Its puffy and even sore to the touch. I’ve drank so much juice and water that I can hear myself sloshing when I stumble down the hallway. If it was something that needed to be flushed out, it sure is stubborn.

Speaking of stubborn, after I mentioned the kidney pain, I have had to endure a constant assault of urges for me to go to the doctor from family and friends. What they don’t realize is that I would rather cut the damn thing out with my beloved Kabar and sell it on Ebay before I would pay an American doctor to give me the usual dumb stare and send me away with a bill and a handful of antibiotics.

This is the first day that I have even felt like sitting in front of my laptop. This plague even caused me to miss the deadline for SpongeFish’s newest travel tip writing contest, which I think I had a shot at. The $200 from the last one came in very handy.

The good news is, that since I am stuck in bed, I have been reading like never before. I am devouring books with the passion and frenzy of a mating rhinoceros. I finished Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” and am most of the way through the massive 705 page slab of “Eldest”, the sequel to “Eragon”. (Yes, I’m a repressed fantasy geek). It feels good to get caught up on my neglected reading, my library is probably the one physical asset that I miss the most when traveling.

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  1. Well if you got your ass to the doctor the first time we nagged you, we wouldn’t need to keep nagging would we? lol. Stubborn butt. xxx

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