I sense a terrible pattern starting to develop. I stay out until 04:00am or sometimes sunrise, then lay around on the beach all day doing nothing to recover. I drink gallons of water, literally, but stay dehydrated from the Thai buckets and sweating so much at parties. I know that this is how people get stuck here, and I can feel it happening to me. I am having too much fun to think about slinging my heavy pack back on but I promised myself that I will be off Koh Phangan by the 16th. I will head to Koh Tao to get PADI certified for diving, then hop over to Krabi to finish up my island time rock climbing.

I walked over to the sunset beach, took a long cut back, and walked up on a cock fight in the street. Its illegal at home so I was a little nervous to blunder my farang ass into their circle, but curiosity won out and so I did. I even snapped a picture.
Went with some friends to the “lazy house”. A restaurant with mats on the ground and couches. It was raining so we watched the new movie Hostel (yes it was pirated) and also Shaun of the Dead. Hostel was a little disturbing, I love Tarantino but seeing bloody puss shoot all over the camera as you eat mayonnaise can be real challenging. Shaun of the Dead was great, I loved it. There was a tiny kitten running around the place so we passed him around and I got a picture of him with one of my friends. I hope he gets to keep his tail…there are a LOT of cats here with missing or broken tails.

I went into a market and a Thai family asked me to sit down. I have been so busy with the farangs that I haven’t had much Thai culture at all here – this is not the right place for that. I had the nice guy help me with some Thai phrases by pointing to them in my book and he would say them. I said them in English for him so we helped each other. I have learned quite a bit, including my numbers, so I can haggle and order in Thai now. It helps I think, at least on the respect factor and maybe they wont want to rip you off so bad? I bought some watermelon and bananas and waved goodbye to the family.

The island is getting busy as hell with everyone coming in for the full moon party on the 14th. February is peak season so they are expecting between 12-14K people on the beach for it. The new people that have been arriving are rude and slightly cliquish, they stay in their own groups. They bring suitcases and trendy clothes instead of backpacks and T-shirts. All the guesthouses are already filling up and I had people practically on top of me on the beach. I don’t mind though, everyone should get a chance to enjoy this good life. I’ll get my peace and quiet on Koh Tao after the 15th.