Tsunami panic?!?!

The craziest thing on my trip so far happened last night. I am sitting in a bar with my Dutch friend listening to a local Thai band play covers of CCR, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix…..the guitarist was actually very good. Next thing we know there are people running down the street outside the place. We were right beside of a bar that does Thai boxing in a ring, so at first I assumed it was just 2 stupid farang in a fight or something. A few seconds later, more people ran into our bar and I saw the Thai girls that worked there turn around with a look of sheer terror and panic on their faces, I knew something was up and my adrenaline kicked in fast. The Thai guy that worked there said “its time to go friend” and he directed us to a back room that had a large hole in the wall. We climbed through the hole and they kept pushing us up a very steep hill behind the place into the woods and bushes. People were screaming and running below us, my friend and I were literally shaking as we stood in the woods for what seemed like forever getting feasted on by the insects.

Come to find out there was an earthquake in Indonesia, my neighbor. People here are so jumpy because this was the worst hit island by the Tsunami last year, 1000s died here so everyone is jittery. When that story came on the large TV they have at a road intersection here, people literally started running into the hills and it created a mass panic on this side of the island. Everyone had a cell phone out getting battle reports from people on other sides of the island until it was decided that all was safe and we came down. The alarms never went off but they made an official announcement over the loud speakers saying in very broken English that Bangkok had declared there was no emergency and not to worry. I decided right then and there that I would take care of myself and not trust these guys….it was only a year ago that 100,000 people died on their watch. I even went to an internet shop and checked weather radars, news, etc…to make my own decision.

My adrenaline was pumping the rest of the night but we eventually calmed ourselves down enough to enjoy the rest of the evening. In my 15 minutes in the woods, I suffered about 20 mozzie bites…..the bugs ate like kings that night.

When we came back into town, there were cockroaches scurrying everywhere in the street. A little strange I thought…no idea why. Did they sense something was up too?

I slept with one eye open and had a plan in my mind for how to get from my bungalow which lies in a low area to the top of a hill in the dark if I needed to. What a rush!

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  1. Pretty freakin’ scary. Good call. Don’t trust those bastards in Bangkok.

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