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Still very little good solo climbing to be found here in Railay east so Im thinking of a move to TonSai which is north of here. Its a strange little beach that you can only walk to at low tide when the water is knee deep, otherwise you have to hire a longtail boat to take you there. I can see it from Railay West. There are a lot of tourists and couples doing coupley things here so I am constantly wanting to pull my eyes out when I see them googley-eyeing and PDAing each other everywhere. Ive got to get my hands on something dangerous!

I did luck out and walk into the “Last bar”, a good sized pub at the end of the path with pool tables,  and caught a free cobra show. They had a small boxing ring set up and a guy basically played with some very poisonous snakes for a while. They would strike at him, and he always managed to avoid it just barely….there were times when he had 2 snakes out at once and was kept very busy keeping them from crawling out of the ring or from biting him!  He even brought out a bloody huge king cobra that was as long as the ring, 7+ feet? and harrassed it into a fury for us. The cobra would make a quick dash for the front of the ring where the crowd had gathered and people would jump back, spill drinks, and stumble on each other trying to get away from it, then once he had regained control, they would creep forward again. The brave soul in the ring actually charmed it by rocking his head back and forth and eventually got close enough to kiss it on the top of the head. That put his throat in the snake’s face….absolutely mad. A guy in front of me said it was fake, the fangs were removed, but there was talk of the last show where a guy did get bitten and died in the hospital after the ingenius staff administered anti-venom for the wrong snake!  Even if they had no fangs, they never even gave the charmer as much as a dry bite so he was still very talented. Plus, they were playing DMX and other loud gangsta hiphop while he was messing with the snakes, which went with the adrenaline soaked atmosphere perfectly.
I did meet some very friendly English people and we played pool for money. I ended up down 100 baht but it was a pretty close game. Lots of people gamble on the games here, which would be a pools shark’s heaven.

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