The Final Night

Time is always against me it seems.

Time does not discriminate, it erodes both good and bad. Some things and memories linger longer, like metal rusting through the seasons, but they will all eventually give in and fade. And so it appears that time has devoured my time in Thailand once again. It is hard to believe, but after I cross the Andaman one last time tomorrow on my way back to Bangkok, it could be a long time before I get to experience it again. I am going to miss my islands.

As I am on my 24+ hour journey back to one of the most mad cities in Asia (or the world for that matter) a big plane will be cutting through the air from Sri Lanka at 600 MPH, determined to make a stopover in Thailand. This is the same plane that will take me back to London, and away from this beautiful place. Within one week, I will eventually be deposited back in Kentucky, and will have to trade my flip-flops for boots to stay warm and actually have to put a coat on over my hard earned sun tan.

Yuck. I normally feel a little down when I leave a place, but this is the end of my second vagabonding year and it seemed to zip by so quickly that I barely had the time to record details in my journal. Feeling down is an understatement, I am pretty much dragging my belly like a snake.

Fortunately, 2008 will be a new year, full of adventure potential (given that I can earn some more travel money, of course).

As usual, when I return home, my rucksack will occupy its corner, and will be only half-unpacked, reminding me that it is never too late to sling it back on again and catch a ride to somewhere far with experiences waiting to be had.

OK, no more moaning. I will leave you with a picture of my “office”. 🙂

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  1. “I wanted to incorporate everything, understand everything, because time is cruel and nothing stays the same.” – Norman Rush, Mating

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