The Big Decision

The author EV Lucas said, “No one can lay a hand on our dreams.”
Romantic, but not entirely true. It turns out that they can.

After weeks of blog-silent deliberation, I have decided to forfeit my big trip. I think drilling a hole in my skull would have been less painful.

Since I returned home in December, I have been piecing together the biggest adventure of my life. I planned to fly into Singapore, then head across Indonesia by water to New Guinea. After two years of vagabonding, I have come to the point where I need something bigger than drinking buckets in Thailand, it seems.

But, as they say in the self-defeating cliche, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” Something big in my personal life has come up that unfortunately merits this decision to stay in the cold and expensive US. It seems, my arch nemesis the cubicle, has a shot at winning this war after all.

Everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes cost money. $700 to be exact. I mistakingly purchased my ticket to Singapore for the 26th, back when things were under control. Some lucky guy on standby is going to be smiling in that seat a week from today. When he lands, he’ll be eating my noodles on the street, being bitten by hungry mosquitoes that were destined for me, and fearing sweet eminent death in the back of the same tuk-tuk that I would have occupied. All the while I sit at home, feeding my new crop of gray hairs, trying not to vomit as people obsess about politics around me, and trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

And so I find myself sat in my usual chair, looking at my usual laptop, but rather than Googling the names of climbable volcanoes in Indonesia, I am sadly looking at job websites, and shuddering when acronyms in the job descriptions remind me of the hell that I systematically escaped at IBM 26 months ago.

Most people read a blog for fun and travel inspiration, not so they will want to go hang themselves at work….and so I promise not to let my moaning and groaning sneak into future posts. I have had some of the same wonderful readers since my first trip abroad, and its not fair to go so long without telling people what is going on. I plan to still write if anyone will still read.

Thank you for hanging with me for so long, and who knows what the future holds, but no doubt it will be interesting.

Sorry about this,

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7 Responses to “The Big Decision”

  1. Same thing happened to me in January. Gave up a plane ticket to Buenos Aires and am now in a little gray cube. Can’t afford to travel forever, but I don’t think humans were made for cube life. Trying to figure out a different approach.

    I feel for you.

  2. Going far away is not always the answer, why not look closer to home – I’ve felt a lot better about myself aiming to get away from home at least every month.

    Check out my blog post for some of my travel inspiration…..


  3. It’s just a break, Greg. Whether it’s a one year break or a 20 year break, it’s still just a break. As long as you have something on the horizon, even the cubicle can become bearable. Promise:)

  4. Guess I won’t be seeing you on the road then. Rats!

  5. Shit man! I was hoping for adventures and volcanoes! Ah well, hey you know what I’m doing? I’m reliving my trip! Finally I’m editing the 18.000 pictures I have, to see if I can find something for your contest, and it’s great! I remember SOOO many things. I had a big smile on my face when I got to Dahab 🙂

  6. Hey Greg,

    To bad about not being able to take off, it´s hard and I feel for you.

    As per your $700 though, read the fine print. If you have a doctor give you a note telling of a travel disabling sickness, the airline will (with 24 hours notice) refund your ticket price. Or you could always check the obituataries and find a “grandma” who died and get your money refunded that way. I am pretty sure you have the appropriate photoshop skills for such a task.

    Good luck

  7. Hey Greg, what happened…?? Please let me know…! X Suus

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