Thai Massage

I went with some Swedish friends after lunch to get my first real Thai massage.

We walk in and there are no less than a dozen beautiful Thai girls giving massages on mats on the ground in the open (I chose one without curtains or private rooms because I actually wanted a MASSAGE!). For 200 Baht you get an hour massage. My friends each got their girl, which were young, gorgeous Thai women. Im thinking, I’ll just have a seat and wait on the next one to become available, but no…the 50 year old mamasan steps from behind the register and says lets go.

As reality slowly creeps in, I realize that her biceps are larger than mine and her fingers are like bananas from years of giving massages. She worked every inch of my body…popping joints, fingers, toes, ears…how the hell can you pop an ear? She knew how. She put me into joint locks and contortions that would have made a pro-wrestler proud. As my body popped and creaked, I managed to keep a defiant smile on my face.

My POW training I received in the army kept flashing through my mind and I was about to scream “you’ll never break me!” but it ended before I could get the words out. There was a happy ending….it was the end and I was happy that I had survived. She told me that she was done and I slowly sat up, expecting my jello-feeling body to collapse, and staggered to my feet. Im not sure if that was the best or worst experience of my life…but I suppose it was worth the $5 simply for the adventure. My two friends said that their girls were gentle and had soft hands. I thought that mine had #2 sandpaper wrapped around each palm. Still, I came on this vagabonding trip for new experiences and that was one to remember for sure. I have to admit though, I do feel great….not sure if it was the massage or the 5 Changs I had to forget the experience. :)

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