Stuck in Kanchanaburi

There are worst places to be stuck I suppose but I really have worn this town out. It is time to move on.

I packed all my things and walked to the train station but all the trains are full. The famous Orient Express happened to be there which was unusual but Im glad I got to see it. I booked passage to Surat Thani tomorrow on the overnight train. I hate to go into the south already because of the costs, but I am tired for some reason and lounging on the beaches sounds wonderful. I guess I’ll go North to Chiang Mai later hopefully and do the trekking.

On the way to the train station I met a huge German with Fabio-style hair named Jeurgen. He actually turned out to be pretty cool and we ended up friends. We did some snooping around the Orient Express together and he is going to be sleeping underneath me on the train in our bunk beds. He’s friendly but dear god I hope he doesnt snore, he will rattle the whole car if he does. :)

This crap-ass internet cafe actually infected my digital camera with a worm/virus..haha. I hope I dont lose my pictures, it has been writing things to my mem card in the camera! I should have been flipping the write-protect switch on the card, but I never imagined getting my bloody camera infected. I managed to upload some photos to my site, but no time for explanations or captions yet so many will seem strange.

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