Singing in Chengdu?

singing in Chengdu, China

Yes, they are wearing lipstick and makeup. No, they are not ladyboys.

I’ve seen some strange things while vagabonding, but this is near the top.

I have no idea why, but the traditional men’s singing group that we happen to catch today in the Wengshu Temple district were all fixed up. They looked like kids who had gotten into mom’s makeup drawer or something. When they finished, they executed a perfect military style right-face and marched off stage with all the dignity they could muster with what they were wearing.

There was quite a crowd that had gathered to watch them. Actually, the crowd alternated between looking and staring at myself and the performance. Either way, they were staying entertained.

There never seems to be a dull day in China, or on the road for that matter. At the end of today, I was invited along with some friends and people who work at Sim’s Guesthouse to an incredible dinner at a vegetarian restaurant here called Lotus on the Water. The food looked like meat and was presented as meat, and was very convincing even to myself — a certified carnivore. It was delicious, and the nicest part is that it was paid for by Makki, Sim’s wife.

I learned that it is a Chinese tradition for the host to always get the check. Even though it is expected, all of us guests are expected to loudly protest.

I’ll leave you with a pic of the Sim’s Guesthouse VIP group. 🙂
sims guesthouse chengdu china

It seems that you meet the most interesting people traveling a place like China…not just the usual backpackers.

From left to right:
James, a vagabond living and working in Chengdu. Vicky, Australian vagabond I met in Tiger Leaping Gorge. Shivani, a Canadian healer/yoga teacher. David, an awesome photographer from Singapore. Myself, American Vagabum. Makki, Sim’s wife and owner of the guesthouse. Andrew, freelance videographer doing a documentary about Tibet. Ann, owner of Ann’s Kitchen in the mountains north of Chengdu and recommended by Lonely Planet.

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