overboard waterproof backpackMy 10-year-old niece has sealed the deal; she gave me the number “200” on the phone tonight, which corresponded to…

Simon Uribe-Convers!

Originally from Columbia, Simon is studying science stuff that flies way over my head at the University of Idaho.

Simon is actually an old travel friend. We managed to do some Red Sea diving and get into trouble in Dabab, Egypt, way back in 2006.

No anthrax or peculiar parcels in the mail, please. A good majority of the people who entered the contest by liking my Vagabonding Travel Facebook page were either local or travel friends. I am, however, a little relieved that none of my friends here in Kentucky won; despite saving some money on postage, I would have had some potential ‘splaining to do. Don’t hate the messenger.

The good news is that I’m sure Simon will put the waterproof backpack to good use. While he may use it just to keep homework dry, or as a soft cooler for beer, he’s also the type of guy who would chop through six hours of jungle vines and snakes just to collect a rare plant sample.

Congratulations, Simon!