There, now that I have your attention, I can tell you the truth about Spring Break.

When I tell people that I just spent over three weeks in Acapulco partying (and working a little) for Spring Break, I get a look that would make a porn star blush. The girls that I tell seem to keep their notions to themselves, or might raise a single eyebrow James Bond style at me. The men, on the other hand, usually begin drooling at my feet and start digging for details.

Well, here’s the untold truth about Spring Break. Yes, it is true, that Spring Break is one giant drunken throw down. Most people are drunk the entire week, sometimes day and night even! Yes, it is true that the ratio is pretty good and that there are thousands of hot women from all over the country in one place. Now, here comes the heartbreaking news: ┬áno, not everyone gets lucky on Spring Break. Sorry guys, ponying up the cash for a Spring Break package to somewhere like Acapulco is not a guaranteed ticket to getting some wild stories to tell the guys left at home.

DJ on Spring Break with people dancing below

I spent all day every day at the American Eagle cabana, on the beach, and hanging around the Playa Suites, which was the epicenter for all the madness. I got to know many of the students, and made some good friends with groups of guys and girls. I would see those same groups out at the Student City parties every night, and they would always approach me to hang out, dance, whatever. Most of the time, the groups would leave around 6 a.m. with the same people that they came with. Even the ones that acted the wildest and most out of control, when I got to know them, I usually found out that they had a guy back at home, or they would never go beyond a kiss or a gritty grinding session dancing at a beach party.

That’s not to say that is doesn’t happen. I am sure that it does. You don’t have to even try to overhear some of the meatheads around the pool, bragging to their buddies about some drunk girl they met in the hallway. Who knows how much of it is true, but just with the pure numbers of people that are drunk in one place, I am sure that it happens. I interviewed one group of five girls who pointed out their friend and said she had messed around with more guys already than the rest of the group combined. I waited for her to deny it but she only grinned. Still, she seemed to be an exception. I half expected students to drop all their sexual inhibitions because they were in a new country, thousands of miles from home, and surrounded by total party chaos 24/7…but that really did not seem to be the case.

Most of the guys that I met went home with some crazy stories, some more true than others. To negate the lack of sexual adventures on their trip, most would drink themselves to oblivion nightly, then show up on the cabana around noon pale and flopping around in the sand like dying fish. So, the reality of Spring Break in my experience, is that you are absolutely guaranteed to have a good time, party your ass off, make good memories with friends, etc…but don’t come thinking that meeting women will be any easier than it is in clubs at home.