Yep, I’m officially going to be a PADI Advanced scuba diver.

Well the good news is I decided to get off my lazy island hopping butt and do something productive on my trip. I signed up at a local dive shop to get PADI advanced scuba certified instead of just the Openwater certication I received on Koh Tao.

The course blew my budget, will cost me 9800 baht (around US $245), but I get five dives including three very cool ‘adventure’ dives. Once I get certified I will be able to dive to 30 meters (100 feet) instead of just the 18 meters I can now. You have to do an underwater navigation dive, a night dive, a wreck dive, a deep dive to 30 meters, and then I chose to do the personal-vehicle dive where you get a little handheld propulsion device that pulls you along like something in Mission Impossible.

These things would make James Bond salivate.

There are leopard sharks here and the water is some of the best in Thailand other than the very expensive Similan Islands. There is a cool shipwreck as part of the wreck adventure dive.

I am a little nervous about my right ear which I had trouble equalizing on my last 18-meter dive…hopefully it wont cause too much trouble because I have to go to 30 meters to pass the course.

Unfortunately, there is yet another nasty PADI textbook to study and I have homework on holiday! (gagging sound)