Sacramento, California

The sun was just starting to get low, stretching the shadows of the palm trees and signs.

Before me was an impressive capital building, and home of the “Governator” Governor Arnold – who can probably claim the biggest biceps and most confirmed kills out of any US Governor….although Governor Ventura in Minnesota might be a close second. 🙂

It was significantly cooler here than in Temecula, but still very pleasant. I literally hopped out of our hired Toyota SUV downtown when I saw Capital Mall and let the others go on to find our hotel. I might as well have been an 8 year old looking at a mountain of presents on Christmas – damn it feels good to be on foot in a new city!

Vagabonding just feels natural. I would literally see a tall steeple, monument, whatever in the distance, point myself in that direction, then move my feet. No agenda, no map, no plan, no guidebook….it is so simple, I have no idea why travelers stress themselves out.

Sacramento had a definite buzz about it, albeit far different than the one I felt in LA, I still loved it and could spend some time here. For grins, I grabbed a freebie real estate guide and was surprised to see that rent was not much more than my small hometown.

Everywhere there was calm activity. Maybe because it was Sunday, people didn’t seem as frenetic as other places I have visited lately. The only ounce of stress I felt was when a couple of people started telling me who to vote for on Tues and which proposition to give the finger. (I believe it was 8).

I wandered aimlessly for a couple of hours, then made my way back to the capital building which was glowing pink in the twilight. No doubt Arnold was sitting inside chomping on a cigar and pondering his party’s future come Wednesday morning.

This trip is done. With one giant dinner at a ridiculously priced (but incredible) steakhouse, we called California done. Its hard to believe that tomorrow I’ll be back on a plane and speeding towards Kentucky. Luckily, it isn’t United taking me home or I would probably opt to stay here and take my chances with thumbing it back.

This blur of a work trip barely scratched the surface of California, but I like what I’ve seen so far. In someone’s famous words… “I’ll be baaaack”. OK, that was bad.

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