Return to KL

It feels like I never left.

My dirty, noisy city of rats, nocturnal people eating noodles, and suicidal drivers is just as bustling as it ever was. I love it.

Chinese, Indians, Muslims, a few crusty Westerners sprinkled in, Kuala Lumpur is a stew pot of culture. The interesting thing? Despite such diverse cultures and religions, everyone seems to get along for the most part. Lucky for me, they also speak pretty good English.

I landed back in the Red Dragon hostel in Chinatown with high hopes of using the fast wireless to upload photos and get caught up. What I found was a pitiful connection that would make my dial-up from 1994 seem fast. Regardless, most of my days so far have been burned sitting here writing my articles for and watching daily life on the street below.

I did manage to take time to walk around the city, go back to Petronas Towers, hit up some of my favorite noodle haunts, and even go see the Batu Caves. The Batu Caves are a peaceful, Hindu shrine in a gigantic cave just north of here.

The highlight for me was watching the Macaque monkeys actually chew decorative light bulbs off an electrical wire. The evil bastards even eat glass — oh how I wish someone would have thrown the switch when I had my camera ready. 🙂

Indian Biryani rice, giant prawns, soybean tempeh, spicy fishball soup noodles, mee hoon, it seems that all I have done so far is to catch up on eating all the foods that I missed while home.

Combine being surrounded by delicious food open 24-hours with all the time I spend on my laptop and bam — there goes my girlish figure.

Flight booked — July 6 I am going to Borneo for the first time to attend the Rain Forest Music Festival. My mission? Aside from starting a mosh pit in front of the stage, I want nothing more than to research the head-hunter culture that was alive there up until just a few decades ago. The rumor is that people still have shrunken heads (in storage boxes) of which the locals’ fathers and grandfathers relived unsuspecting spice traders. Bad for them, good for me.

Life is good.

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2 Responses to “Return to KL”

  1. Greg,

    I’m happy for you man. Back on the road living life, what a great job if you can get it. I have been in corporate america for 12 years and as of Sept 2010 it is coming to an end. Not sure what I’m going to do but as you say “life is good”.


  2. Have some Ramly burgers, satay and roti canai for Rob and I while you’re there!

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