Railay East, Thailand

Why do I write so much? One word…air conditioning! The internet cafe has the best aircon and its the only time I get such luxury. Sure…its 3 baht a minute, but I also miss computers and being near one is nice again. Can I be put back into the matrix now please?

Got up early today and hiked with my English friends to a place with a hidden lagoon and massive view of Railay. It was actually a great class 2/3 scramble to the top of this huge limestone massif in the water, then a hike on top of it to the view. The whole time we had monkeys in the trees above us following and watching us. Fortunately no one brought any food. It was a great climb down to the lagoon, the girls chose to sit it out because they didnt have proper shoes. The climb back up was a real solo, vertical, but short. Very good practice though. The lagoon was too muddy to swim but it was an adventure finding it and there were huge 6 ft long leaves on tropical plants along the way reminding us that we were somewhere exotic.

We came back, dripping sweat and decided to hit the ocean for a swim. The beach was incredible, with climbers bouldering and cliff diving right on the beach. We watched a brave monkey come down a wall beside a woman eating a corn on the cob and snatch it out of her hand..she held on to her food and he took his other hand and smacked her in the head until she gave up and let go. We were laughing our asses off! Lunch was food prepared right on a longtail boat, you walk out in knee deep water and they cook it for you on the boat. Was very good too! So so hot, I am burned to a nice lobster red but it was a great day overall.

Finished the day with a short exploration through a cave they have here. It was commercialized, 20 baht to enter, but had very beautiful limestone formations and lots of bats snoozing away upside down. I went back to my hut to get cleaned up for dinner and there was a wolf spider in my bathroom as big as my hand! I know they eat bugs, thats why I let the gheckos have free room/board, but my matress is on the floor and the idea of this hairy guy hunting on my stomach in the middle of the night freaks me out. I executed it with 2 stomps….it took 2! Got pictures coming soon.

Tomorrow, Im going on a 2 KM walk over the mountain to Tan Sai, a little nook in the north that is supposedly better for backpacking. Plus, they have moon phase parties there. Yikes…thought I left that in Ko Pha-ngan? Oh well, I could use some craic and R&R between the climbs.

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