They have been celebrating here in Pai like mad!

I went to sleep last night well after 01:00 to the sounds of drums, cymbals, and firecrackers. I got up this morning to the sounds of drums, cymbals, and firecrackers. The hardcore bastards! There is a big thing going at the temple because they are initiating new monks. Music, games, foods, and a traditional play/show. I think they are also very happy that the election is over…it was getting ugly here kind of like America’s last election, I think they still dont have a clear winner yet.

I spent all day yesterday cruising around on the motorbike. I went to a waterfall, canyon, and hot spring. The hot spring was interesting, I leaned over the rail, ready to dip my idiot tourist finger into the 80C+ degree water to see if it was really as hot as they say. Just then, a perfectly timed poof of sulphur gas caught me in the face and took my breath away. My lungs almost jumped out of my chest and went screaming into the nearby woods. I know not to do that again.

Chalk up another lesson learned by travel. Sulphur = bad.

I am still trying to figure out how to get to Cambodia from the farthest corner of Thailand I have worked myself into. A flight from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap, my most expensive but comfortable option is $180. There are endless combinations of buses, trains, and flights I can do to get there, but finding a good balance between pain and expense is a challenge for sure. The general rule here is that you pay more to suffer less. There are exceptions, such as the “VIP” buses that arent very VIP at all. I met a traveler in Laos that had to sit on a box of onions for 6 hours on the VIP bus between Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang.

He couldnt get the smell out of his clothes so he tossed them. 🙂

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