Voltaire said “Wherever my travels may lead me, paradise is where I am”

Great writer, good concept, but I have to disagree on this one. I think I much prefer 40C over 40F any day. 🙂

I was starting to get cabin fever sitting inside in front of my laptop all day, so I took a little walk out into the street. Above me, a sleepy winter sun made a halfhearted effort to warm me up, and the December wind was threatening to bring down the last handful of crispy brown leaves stubbornly clinging onto the trees along the way. I wiggled my feet a little and rather than sand bunching up between my toes, the gray, drab concrete looked back at me as if to say “You need something?” Ever notice how concrete has absolutely no personality?

The air smelled like wet earth and a hint of smoke from someone’s fireplace. Somewhere in the distance a neighbor started their car engine.

The sky was a nice powdered shade of azure, the Kentucky humidity is finally taking a few months off. A couple shiny silver airplanes were tracing lines of ice across the blue. I shut my eyes for a minute and I could hear the rumble of the engines in the distant. They were no doubt full of people that were going places. I looked back down at the concrete. Wow.

Its ok, I needed a reference point. Without winter homecomings, there would be little reason for warm island escapes. My only regret about each and every homecoming is how quickly I feel my paradigms and energy start to shift back to the way that it was before I left. I fight it with everything that I’ve got, but the feeling of just having accomplished a big adventure never seems to last long enough.

I have been home less than 2 weeks, and to be honest, other than the open infections on my feet reminding me with each step, it almost feels like I never left! The people, the places, the routines, so little changes while I am gone. Asia is such another world, that it feels like a distant memory, like somewhere that I was standing 2 years ago rather than 2 weeks ago!

It is good to see family and friends again though. They are the perfect remedy for coming home and make life good both in Kentucky and the middle of the jungle.

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