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Waterproof Backpack

Long time, no update…I know.

At least I’ve returned from the murky shadows bearing good news: I’m giving away an awesome waterproof backpack!

Being a travel celebrity comes with perks. Although my hand often cramps from signing autographs — which I still do for free, I’ll add — Billy Bob the friendly postman does occasionally put some cool travel swag into my mailbox rather than just bills.

The folks at Clif Bars have sent me a second case of organic protein bars so that I won’t starve on my next trip; they’re currently under lock-and-key so that I won’t indulge before I need them on the road. I’ve also received Camelbak products, hiking shoes, numerous books — some good reads and some fit to be used as emergency toilet paper — and the new Hobo Roll for carrying clothes which I’ll review later.

The biggest scores of the year so far are two rugged, waterproof Overboard 20-liter daybags; one of which I currently carry, and one that I’m going to gift (US $70) to anyone brave enough to follow me on Facebook. Hey, if you can’t make friends the old fashioned way, a little bribery never hurts.

All you have to do is “like” my new vagabonding travel Facebook page before April 15th to enter the contest.

My 10-year-old niece — who is much cuter and innocent than I am for judging contests — will randomly select a number for the giveaway. I’ll announce the winner the week after April 15, 2012.

Here’s a review of the backpack: Overboard Waterproof Backpack

The catch? Well, unfortunately I’m a starving vagabond and can only afford to ship this thing within the continental U.S. I’ll have to make it up to my international friends some other way.

The good news? I carry the exact same daybag on adventures, same blue color even. So when we meet up somewhere, we’re going to match!

So, like my new FB page and wait for a giant crate bearing the Italian word “Fragile” to arrive containing your major award. 🙂

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  1. What if you do not have facebook?
    Can the cute 10 year old niece somehow pick her handsome father’s number? 🙂

    Nice reference to Christmas Story – Nada finga!

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