One ticket to paradise

It took me nearly 2 days of constant traveling, but the minute my bare feet hit the sand, I knew that it was worth it. 🙂

My journey consisted of leaving the northern part of China and coming thousands of kilometers to the southern part of Thailand. It took planes, trains, buses, and boats to get me here.

I left Bangkok by night train to the village of Trang in the far south. Like most travelers, I spent a grand total of 1 hour there just waiting for my minibus to the pier. It was a 2 hour, crammed drive to the water. Our insane driver even managed to get us pulled over by the police. He turned around, said something very nervous and rushed in Thai, and everyone immediately began grabbing for their seatbelts. I was part of a 5 person sandwich on a 3 person bench seat so I didn’t even have one.

I did my best to give the 2 prickly looking officers my most innocent farang expression when they looked inside.

Some money was exchanged and we were on our way again, even faster than before. I mean, of course the driver had to make up for all that time lost because of the first speeding ticket. 🙂

My train was very enjoyable. Other than being 16 hours of boredom, I sat for most of my awake time just staring out of the huge open windows. Unlike the Chinese trains, the Thai trains are open air with doors that are fixed open, and you can hang outside. I could smell the wet foliage and vines growing in the jungle near the track.

After crossing over to Ko Lanta, our driver deposited me in the middle of Sala Dan, the main village here. I had no idea where I was going, so I pointed myself south towards the beaches and just started walking. Along the way, I took the time to equip myself for island life, including buying my third pair of fake Billabong swim trunks, and some extremely expensive suncreme (Like deodorant, the Thais generaly dont wear it, so prices are farang high, of course).

A 30 minute tuk-tuk ride later and I was walking down my favorite beach from last year, Phrang Ae (Long Beach). There is no better feeling than arriving in a new place, not sure about where you are going, and walking along the beach with a rucksack on. Every time I see travelers doing it, it is poetry to my eyes.

I found a great bungalow for $10 a night. Toilet with bucket to flush, bamboo walls that allow the sound of the sea to come through, and a matress on the floor carefuly screened by a mozzie net. Everything a happy vagabond needs.

Bleh. I don’t like these bulk blog entries any more than you do. I think its time to do something more productive, like sit under a palm tree and not be productive. 🙂

Life is good.

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One Response to “One ticket to paradise”

  1. Swadii Kap mi amigo, life is good indeed! Enjoy the beautiful Thai beaches while I freeze my ass here in Bogota! I’m longging for holidays but this damn unniversity refuses to finish! One week more I say to myself….
    I’ll spend X-mas in northern Colombia, atlantic coast, so things will get better, thank God.
    What did you do with that brand new Nikon of yours? Man, I know that you pay for internet, but come on let me see the Thailand through your eyes 🙂
    Sawadi Kap for continue traveling
    and let the traveling Gods guide you way
    hasta pronto

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