One month update

As of today, I have been vagabonding around Thailand for 1 month. So so strange, it feels like three or more. I cant even remember a lot of faces or places at home in my mind. I am only homesick when I think about friends and family…or hear certain songs. Today, I treated myself to some George Strait on my IPOD, first country Ive heard since I left home, it was so beautiful I almost cried.

I have seen some very interesting things and met a ton of people. I am still traveling alone. Backpacker friendships are fast and furious…you are best friends for a few days or a week, then all you have left after a sad goodbye is an email address and promises of places to stay in Germany, Ireland, Amsterdam, New Zealand…. Are they serious? I guess I’ll find out when Im knocking on their doors one day with a rucksack on!

I have been in a lot of dangerous situations already….both manmade and nature provided. I havent even been searching them out yet. Thailand is a very interesting place. Whether you came here for danger or not, you can find yourself sitting on the tailgate of a pickup taxi flying down a dodgey road, almost falling out when the driver avoids stray dogs and kids. Ive been almost run over by motorcycles, buses, fought very strong ocean currents, dealt with a pissed trigger fish, had “interesting” beach encounters, almost stepped on a bamboo viper, been on stormy seas in a crappy little boat with people vomiting over the edges, swam with sharks, and had food poisoning. This was just in the “safe” tourist areas! What happens when I tackle the rocks at Krabi next week or go to the mountains near Burma/Myanmar?

I’ve seen 2 dogs meet their death to buses. Ive had an infection on my foot for 2 weeks that wont bloody go away. I even had a coconut fall out of a very very tall tree and bounce down the road in front of me. The thing would have definitely split my skull. What kind of a country has nuts that will even try to kill you? Thailand. The thing is, I love it. I wouldnt wish myself anywhere else right now…except maybe in a proper buffet restaurant just for 1 hour to enjoy some of the food I miss!

I came home after my dives today and there was a wasp orgy going on in my room. I executed at least 6 of them but several got away. Im sure theyre planning a counter-attack tonight so I’ll be ready. It may seem like I am complaining in these posts, but I REALLY do love Thailand…I just find the “rough around the edges”-ness of it so funny and I have to share.

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