One final stop

I jumped out of bed and packed quickly this morning. The insects had taken their toll…I received more bites here on Ko Chang in the last 2 nights than my entire trip combined. The culprit – bed bugs. Woohoo! They got my face, hands, back…it looks like I have measles now. It did not even phase me – I went about my business this morning with a smile because:

Im going home.

I have known for months that this day was coming but I never expected it so quickly. I am leaving here with literally some of the happiest and saddest moments of my life. I told my Swedish friend Elin a quick goodbye on the street, I suppose my last backpacker goodbye in SE Asia. The slow ferry ride boredom was broken up by me meeting a nice group of Thais that sat with me, and in a little over an hour we had swapped emails with promises of places to stay in NE Thailand and Kentucky. I felt a twinge when the bus topped the hill and the Bangkok skyline came into view. I was not so happy about being back in Bangkok, but I managed to book Suk11, the famous backpacker’s hostel in the Sukhumvit area and I love it! Its a great place, very cozy, and the location is superb. I am actually wishing I had an extra day or two here, I think maybe I could forgive Bangkok for Khao San Road and actually enjoy this part of the city. 🙂

For dinner, I splurged and ate at a nice Indian place near Suk11. I asked for my curry Indian hot and it barely made me sweat. My stomach has become indestructible, a bonus from this trip.

Tomorrow, I will head over to MBK in Siam Square and pick up some souveys for people back at home. I am looking forward to the shopping and haggling actually…then somehow I will manage to cram even more into my bloated backpack and then if it does not burst at the seams, I will put it and myself on a flight home at 01:30am Sunday morning. I love late flights…lounging around the airport reading beats the hell out of getting up early any day.

I have not posted any pics in a long time because internet access was such crap in Cambodia. I will fix up both my blog and post the other 200 pics I have once I get home from Florida. Florida….this is an interesting prospect. I am going from 4 months of avoiding tourists to the 9th level of tourist hell at Disney World – not to mention the extreme and addictive freedom of backpacking to sharing a large condo with my full family which means not dragging home at sunrise with an empty bucket on my head and covered with sand. Its only 1 week and I love them to death, so I think that I will manage.

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