Notes from Bangkok

One word describes life in Bangkok.

Hot. Unbearably hot. The kind of hot that makes you just want to curl up into a coma and never leave the guest house.

Despite the heat, I did manage to meet some fun new friends — English teachers of course — and even celebrate a late birthday with a proper Thai Redbull bucket. Wow, how I missed those things (and the heart palpitations that follow).

All things considered, Khao San Road is actually fairly quiet. There are still a few shirtless douchebags walking around making us travelers look bad, but for the most part I like the low-season crowd.

90% of the backpackers here seem to be English, but I did meet a girl who went to school in Kentucky — a first in four years of vagabonding! Nightly, people sit clustered around televisions to watch the World Cup. Soccer is on every screen in the city it seems, and life stands still when a match is being played.

The drone of the South African horns has become the soundtrack for Bangkok.

Last night brought the first serious rain of the monsoon season; it rained harder than I’ve seen in Southeast Asia. Luckily I was trapped in a tiny place that served buckets, so waiting it out wasn’t too much of a hassle. After the rains however, all of Soi Rambuttri street flooded to nearly knee-deep.

An interesting site. Fun at first, all the locals were splashing and playing soccer. Fun and games until the rats, cockroaches, and other unmentionables that you find in a Bangkok sewer came to the surface for a little swim. Nothing like trying to walk back to your guest house with toilet paper wrapped around your legs and random creatures bumping into your ankles beneath the murky surface.

Thinking of the open mozzie bites on my ankles, I was suddenly glad that I have all my shots up to date.

Tomorrow I fly down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and eventually down to Borneo for the Rainforest World Music Festival. As much as I love KL, I miss this place already.


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  1. hehe… why pay to swim with dolphins at Seaworld when you can swim with a whole ASSORTMENT of gutter creatures for free? 😛

    take care of any cuts/lesions/open wounds you have, dear friend!

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