No Reservations

The Travel Channel is holding a casting call for the show “No Reservations”.

If you love Anthony Bourdain like I do, you’ll understand why I nearly choked on my cereal when I saw the commercial, and why I was out the next day in 25F degree weather to try and get some footage. Unfortunately, because I got word of the contest late, there just wasn’t time to do the things that I wanted to in the video.

Shooting my 3 minute video (with required talking of a future destination for the show) I learned two things. First, I suck at making and editing videos. Second, I LOVE doing it! I truly enjoyed the artistic license and all the extra ingredients beyond just still photography and writing. As a bonus, I also learned which side of the camera I belong on – behind it! Bollywood has nothing to worry about, for now.

There are 200+ videos out there on the site, many of which are unbelievably professional – so my prospects are grim. But, even if I don’t make the show, I did learn a thing or two, and it inspired me to pick up one of Bourdain’s earlier books, “A Cook’s Tour” which is turning out to be great.

I hesitated to share the video because, just like my Podcast interview earlier, it is slightly embarrassing for me.

Maybe its because rather than just being the entity behind the words and pictures of this blog and my website, it provides a more intimate look into my existence. It feels like someone pulling down my yellow curtain to disappointingly discover that the “wizard” is just a 32 year old guy hiding out and pulling levers to make steam shoot out.

For grins, here’s the video. I do have to say that it was fun taking the piss out of Anthony Bourdain though. For those that know the show, or his relationship to Andrew Zimmern, you’ll get the joke.


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3 Responses to “No Reservations”

  1. That was great fun to watch. Chok dee, Greg!

  2. Aww Greg that was spectacular!! Maybe what Daddy said will someday be true (hopefully sooner rather than later)…
    Hope you’re doing well.

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