No bubbles

Sitting on my bottom and doing very little over the last 11 days has been wonderful…but at the same time with each passing day, I feel myself growing softer. I know its good for my yin, but I keep hearing Sifu’s voice from the Shaolin school calling me “soft like the noodles”. He is right…life here is perfect right now, but the single most important ingredient is missing:


As I was taking my usual stroll on the beach today, picking up shells, and scorching my back because I am too shy to ask someone to rub lotion on it (what a bad pickup line!) I walked past a sign inside one of the dive shops that made me freeze in my tracks.

Freediving Introductory Course.

Hmmmm…I stood at a safety crossroads, the one where the logical part of your brain puts the brakes on and says “no way, jose…don’t be an ass” and some little devil inside your head gives you what you need to overcome that initial barrier to new adventures. More times then not, the little devil proves to be correct, so it is always worth a chance.

In the last 10 years, I have found some exciting and creative new ways to stress my poor parents out….skydiving, bungy jumping, underwater caving, scuba diving, solo rock climbing, cliff diving….anything that I can afford that provides a good workout for my adrenal glands and makes me appreciate breakfast the following day just a little more.

When I saw the sign, I could almost feel my heart craving that precious chemical of life like a junkie craves his next white line.

2500Baht (US $75) later and I am now committed to a dive tomorrow morning at 0-dark-30. Freediving is just like scuba diving…you get up way too damn early, hop on a boat with the other divers, wear a wetsuit, etc, but there is one very crucial difference…

You don’t take air!

Freediving is the rock climbing equivalent of free-solo climbing, when you use no equipment or protection. Professional freedivers can hold their breath upwards of 5 minutes and can go to 60+ meters…twice as much as a “deep” dive in scuba. I shudder to even think about it. They manage to slow their heartbeats to a near coma-like state which uses very little oxygen. When they emmerge, they are relaxed and focused, much like they just finished an hour of meditation!

It sounds absolutely amazing, and I know that I will be lucky to even make 15 meters (50 feet) but that is my personal goal. Freediving is not really dangerous, you just have to know your limits, pay attention to your gut, and listen to your training…much like the Army.

I will check in tomorrow with the results of my first experience. Damn it feels good to be alive!

Oh yeah…and life is good. 🙂

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2 Responses to “No bubbles”

  1. Hi there,
    I am from Kenya and am really enjoying your blog!!

    I have been reading your entries about your adventures and they are fantastic!

    Being a fresh unemployed graduate i read your blog and dream!!

    Thanks for keeping me entertained and please write about your free diving experience!!



  2. Glad to see I’m not the only one who just reads and staarts to dream about the adventures our planets holds.
    Ruhie, are you in China now?

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