My Butt Hurts!

A second day on the mountain bikes may have been too much for my butt to handle.

Still, I had a great adventure. After a quick breakfast, I grabbed a good mountain bike and peddaled the 7KM down a very rocky bumpy road to Poukham cave and the “lagoon”. The trip there was a reward in itself, we passed farmers driving water buffalos, women with laundry baskets on their heads, everywhere we looked was a postcard perfect picture with gorgeous mountains in the backdrop. The lagoon turned out to be a very cold eerie turquoise colored stream with a rope swing. I climbed the tree and dropped myself into the cold water.

So refreshing after the hot bike ride! There was a very nice wild cave we had to scramble up to. No lights or signs in this one, just tons of cave-ins and lots of exploring trying to figure out where to go. We worked our way all the way through the cave and full circle back to the exit. It was the tallest cave that I have ever been inside, with incredible alien-like rock formations that would remind you more of somewhere like the surface of Mars. There was the random very large bat that came in and out but they always left us alone. The area may not have been as picturesque as the one yesterday, but even the bike ride and finding it was an adventure in itself. The only downer was all the bloody tolls we had to pay at every creaky little footbridge across the water. They even charge extra for the bikes. These guys must have learned their stuff in NYC or something.

After riding the 7KM back to town, I cleaned up, went to one of the better restaurants here and splurged with a ham pizza. It was actually a proper pizza! So good, and 32,000 Kip. (About $3.20 US). Talking about money here sometimes sounds funny, like we’re playing with monopoly money…”Its 100,000 but I owe you 30,000″. Not a regular conversation that you would hear in the States about money for sure.

I think my chi in Vang Vieng is finally starting to peak. I will book a bus ticket tomorrow and travel farther north to Luang Prabang….sad to leave here but always excited to trust my gut and see what new adventures lie around the bend.

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