Muay Thai

I saw a spray of bright red blood spot the clean, white mat just a few feet in front of me.

I was sitting in my first Muay Thai kickboxing fight last night. As expected, it was touristy as hell and there were lots of farang in the crowd.

Touristy – yes. Fake – hell no.

Out of 8 matches, I saw 3 KOs and 1 TKO. Lots of blood, especially from the guy that took an elbow to the forehead. They played the traditional music while they fought which was cool, but there wasnt really much ceremony. I was expecting some sort of old tradition before the fight got started but instead they played Hotel California and the English commentator made bad jokes over the PA. The stadium was outdoors and the weather was perfect for it…which is a miracle, it rained all day before. At least twice that night they carried guys out on makeshift stretchers and deposited them on the ground in a tent that was near the arena. It didnt take long for hordes of idiot, farang tourists to make their way over to the tent to take pictures of the wounded men. I grimaced at the disrespect for these warriors and kept my distance.

Today, it has rained monsoon style all day. It doesnt even look like rain, inches and inches of water falling from the Heavens, like from a faucet. You can’t run 2 meters in it without being soaked to the bone. The streets are all flooded, its a bit gloomy actually. Ive been sitting inside the Lazy house watching movies all night to avoid it. Im sure there will still be a pre-full moon party on the beach, rain or not.

Had my fire torch class today as well. Most productive thing Ive done in a week I think. I learned a lot, and much of it will translate over to Kung Fu so I can still use it at home. Unfortunately, I need to practice to remember all the new material they threw at me and its too wet outside. I think that I will buy a firetorch at home and much to the horror of the neighbors, practice in the back yard.

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