Mount Marathon Race in Seward, Alaska

Mount Marathon Race Alaska

We left the campsite early in the morning and headed south to a small town named Seward, where a famous annual race called “Mount Marathon” is held every 4th of July.

The race is a mad run through town, then straight up a huge 3,000-foot mountain that basically has class-3 scrambling, then back down the dangerously loose and sharp shale rock, then back to the start point in town. What a brutal course!

Every runner was covered in mud, some were bleeding from slips and falls on the rock. The best time was 47 minutes, which is simply amazing given the terrain they have to cover. I got quite a workout…

…stuffing the musk-ox burger in my mouth at a small diner on the main street as the runners went by my window. No way in hell I was going to volunteer for that race. 🙂

The temperature was considerably cooler than the previous two days, and we were right on the water, so there was plenty of wind to go around. That is something Alaska has plenty of: water and mountains. You get enough wind to go around.

Moose in Alaska

On the way, we passed a large moose feeding on the side of the road. It barely looked up as we pulled along side and took pictures.

The little town of Seward was alive with people and the festivities. There was a parade, food and junk booths, music, and the atmosphere was jovial. I was very impressed with the ages of the men and women finishing the race, some in the front pack of runners, many in their 50s or older. As I scanned the crowd, it’s easy to see that the outdoor opportunities keep people more active and in somewhat better shape here in Alaska than in other states I have visited.

After the race, we jumped back in the car for a couple hours and headed down to a small-but-famous community on the bottom of Alaska named “Homer.” Despite being south, it was even colder here because we were right on the ocean; the glaciers and snowy mountain scenery were spectacular. The town itself is tiny, but there are almost a dozen groovy coffee shops and art galleries around town. Homer is very artsy and progressive, and is a very nice place to hang out.

Seward, Alaska

The people turned out to be some of the nicest Alaska has to offer.

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