A Few Memories from my Last Trip

Time steals that which is most precious.” — Napolean

It is hard to believe, but I have already  been home almost one month. I don’t think I’ve stopped moving in the last 27 days spent in the U.S., but other than squeezing my arteries a little tighter, it has been a good thing. Now, my Colombia date (Oct 15) has changed from something looming in the distance into a two-headed juggernaut standing on my toes.

A two-headed monster that speaks incomprehensible Spanish to me. Yikes.

So, in my daily caffeine-fueled rage to sort out things like last year’s taxes (yes, I’m serious), I’ve noticed that I am already forgetting a lot of nuances, lessons, and experiences from my last trip. My travel journal sits on my desk a full six inches from this keyboard, but I haven’t had the time to open it.

Sad, because inside that brown leather cover is the ability to be transported back to Indonesia within minutes. I look at it every day, longing just to vanish back into the islands for an hour.

Just for fun (and to keep them alive just a little longer inside my head), here are a few very memorable moments from my last big trip…..  [drum roll]

[Unfortunately, in-post pictures have been removed because my photo host went away.]

Hiking around the Kelimutu volcano vent in Flores, Indonesia (details)

Being the only non-local spending the night on Rinca Island with the Komodo dragons (details)

Going traditional whale hunting in a dangerous canoe in Lamalera, Indonesia (details)

Living with a very remote family and documenting a traditional ceremony in Adonara, Indonesia (details)

Seeing Gunung Ile api erupt while we were at sea

Seeing the shot-up buildings and UN peacekeepers in East Timor (details)

Finding a strange voodoo square in the jungle on an island in Malaysia (details)

Those are just a few fun things that come to mind. Imagine that instead of trying to squeeze all your living into a couple of days a week (the weekend), you were able to wake up every single day and do what you wanted to do.  Every day was Saturday. No housework. No errands.  No television.

How much more living could you do in six months?

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  1. Amazing experiences there. Nice!

  2. Your travel experiences make me salivate.

  3. From one KY boy to another, if you should ever find yourself traveling through Korea, shoot me an email and let me know when. A hot meal and cool beverage of your choice will be awaiting you.

    Happy trails…


  4. Sweet experiences. Very cool Greg! Looking forward to your Colombian adventures 🙂

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