Life in Kentucky

I promised from the start to keep this blog travel oriented, rather than a personal journal, so its unusual for me to write about home.

Unfortunately, home is all that I have to write about these days!

I have been steadily working on my websites and freelance articles, getting a little recognition here and there. Unfortunately, I cannot stick a copy of a complimenting email from an editor in the envelope to pay my mobile phone bill, so funds are tight. Apparently In the last 18 months, I have been transformed from a well-paid IT worker to a starving artist. I still refuse to go near the web of technical work or cubicle life again, despite getting several tempting offers in email. If I wander too far into that web just to earn cash, I know a trapdoor will close behind me and next thing I know a giant spider will be sucking my brains out! (not to mention my soul)

And so….even though I have denounced owning so many material things in the best interests of my vagabonding, I am also finding out that money is the fuel that travel runs on…..not just dreams or ambitions. I have plenty of the latter, but without money for tickets, I have resorted to enjoying myself on the cheap here in Kentucky.

The weather has been only partly cooperating with my efforts to enjoy the outdoors (which cost nothing more than gas money) and I have been doing some hiking and scrambling, I just posted pictures. My state is actually quite beautiful, and will be exploding with colors in a few weeks, don’t let the dreary pictures fool you.

Aside from the hiking, I am still planning a return to Alaska in July, this time with my father. It has been his childhood dream to go fishing there, and with his health not getting any better, we both feel like it is now or never. After Alaska, another adventure might be brewing…I don’t know if I can get that close to the Pacific without being tempted to cross it!

For now, Greg out.

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  1. Umm, yeah. I have had enough excuses, I need to see that fancy new camera put to its best.

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