Last dive

I tried to put the events of the past couple days behind me, so I booked a final scuba dive as planned.

Unfortunately, it was a lot like my last dive in Ko Phi Phi. A party all night until about 4 hours before dive time, and then when I got up, it was raining. There is nothing like being on a dive boat on rough seas, bouncing up and down, everyone green from being seasick, with no sleep. 🙂 I usually dont get sick, but when I have to look away from the horizon to prepare my scuba equipment, I can feel it start to sneak up on me.

We arrived at Ko Lak in the morning, it was still raining, but its a very shallow dive site (about 11M deep) so the visibility was not as bad as I expected. We didnt see much really, some beautiful spotted blue stingrays and lots of fish and coral. It was still very nice to be under the water again and with it being such a shallow site, we were down for an entire hour and I still finished with over 100bar of air left!

The second dive was about 15M, same animals, some more blue rays, a couple small barracuda, but visibility was probably 7 meters or less. I felt sorry for my English divemaster as she had to constantly keep looking behind her to not loose us in the murky water.

By the time I got back to White Sands beach, the sun had come out and I had a couple of hours of proper beach daylight to sit and read and relax before the sunset and decent fireshow with buckets to drink. For dinner, I ate with a Swedish friend here at Helis Kitchen, a Scandanavian restaurant. She introduced me to Swedish food, including the meatballs, which actually wasnt bad! It was a major budget splurge but I no longer care, Im getting very short. (going home soon in case you dont know the Army slang)
VERY short. I’ll be back on US soil in 4 days. Hopefully not for too long though.

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