After talking to some local climbers, I learned that the climbing was even more multi-pitch in TanSai, so I decided to leave Railay and caught a longtail boat back to Krabi-town, a busy little pier town that is the launching point to all the islands in Krabi province. Not much to do here though, I’m bored! I spent hours in the night market eating and drinking….its SO cheap! Had chicken neck on a stick, wasnt as good as it sounds…
Got up early, went with my Canadian friend to see the tiger caves temple. We grabbed a motorbike taxi and haggled hard with them until they caved in. Took the bikes 10 KM on a fun ride to the temple. The temple was huge, with beautiful shady grounds, lots of Buddhist nuns in white, the men must all be somewhere…..meditating? playing cards? who knows. I asked one of the nuns that carried a small handmade broom why she swept everywhere that she walked, she told me it was to clear the insects…they cannot take the chance of stepping on a living thing! They are all very friendly though. We walked the exhausting 1300 steps to the top of the mountain where the huge Buddha is. These arent like Western steps, sometimes it was steep enough to put your hands on the steps above you, like a scramble. We reached the top, knees quivering, and the view was astounding. I’ll upload pics. It was very windy and felt wonderful on our sweaty bodies. There were giant moths up there as well, as large as your hand. We passed a very cool and fiesty monkey on the way down that was drinking strawberry milk from a box. He tried to grab my water bottle 2 or 3 times but gave up without biting me…..I was so thirsty that I was prepared to fight for it! 🙂
We grabbed a nice ferry boat with hardly anyone on board to Ko Lanta, about 2 hours on nice calm water. I actually slept for a change. We arrived in Ko Lanta, a large island, which is very developed but things are very spread out so you would never know it. The roads are all paved and nice, but things are hidden a good distance from the beach and constructed of all bamboo so it doesnt look so  commercial when you are in the ocean and look back. The water is clear and deep, the sand very soft….probably the best quality beach Ive seen here. Very quiet too, I can lie in my bungalow and hear the ocean instead of music and glasses clanking! Not much partying here but tons of shells, I feel inspired to make something out of them so I collected a bag full. My bungalow is basic, but open air and very comfortable – US $7 a night. I had to use my mozzie net since its open air but other than the one giant cockroach I am roomies with, there werent any biters.

There is a place a few doors down to hire horses and ride on the beach. Its only 600B, $15, so Im going to do it. The last horse I got on tried to kill me though. At least Ive got nice soft sand to fall into here!

I can see spending a few days here. Unfortunately its put me back into beach bum mode. Instead of showers in the morning, I get up, put on the same shorts, and go jump in the ocean. I have perma-sand stuck all over my body and smell like salt water. I am starting to feel a slight time pressure since I only have 2 months left in SE Asia…including less than 1 month on my Thai visa. I thought about crossing into Malaysia though since Im pretty close. As usual, its wherever my heart and the wind blows me. None of this trip beyond my initial entry into Bangkok has been planned so far.