Ko Phi Phi -> Bangkok

Well I made it to Bangkok in one piece. Unfortunately I am homeless until 20:00 tonight, walking around the streets with a huge backpack and avoiding the lady boys in the district where I ended up staying.

Yesterday I took the boat from Ko Phi Phi to Phuket. There was a mixup at the pier (in my favor!) and I ended up on a luxurious cruiser to Phuket. There was all the fresh fruit you could eat for free, Aircon, and multiple decks for hanging out and not getting sunburned. It was nice. I was one of maybe 5 people with backpacks, the other 200 were obviously tourists on short holidays. They looked at me as if I were some specimen to be examined…mostly the Indian tourists…it seemed hard for them to comprehend leaving everything behind to live out of a bag.

Arrived in Phuket fine and negotiated a motorcycle taxi from the pier to the airport. I had no idea that it was about a 40 minute ride. Off we went, my backpack in front of the driver where the 3rd person would normally sit and me on the back. It was a beautiful ride from the island to the mainland, but a wild one as well. The drivers there were just as mad as the ones in Bangkok. Of course, there is only one helmet so he gets to wear it. You just have to pray for a quick death if something goes wrong. These guys must be able to see the Matrix in 1’s and 0’s, because at 50MPH we were shooting between stopped cars, going down the wrong lane, many times towards trucks, etc. It was an awesome ride. I learned early to keep my elbows and knees tucked in because many times our clearance had maybe an inch or two to spare and that was it. I loved the free feeling and may actually look into getting a bike when I get home.

Landed in Bangkok about 23:00. Homeless. I was going to try to sleep in the airport and catch the early morning train, but a security guy told me to get lost! I went out and hailed a cab and after much arguing got him to turn on his damn meter. They only use it for Thais….farang get whatever rate they pull out of their ass usually. He took me to Washington Street hotel…which was supposed to be cheap. It turned out to be 900 Baht! I was pissed and once again reminded of why I dislike this city. Every taxi driver has a brother, cousin, or friend working somewhere and will try to plug his business. My hotel was in a sketchy sex district of Bangkok and I was offered sex by literally everyone I came into contact with. My taxi driver first, even had pictures of the girls and said “you choose”. Next, the hotel manager offered me a massage, then the bellboy that carried my backpack to my room, then every single male or female I passed on the street to find some food. I even had one girly bar tout grab my arm and as I said no and tried to walk on, he tightened his grip and held me back. I made eye contact with him and tapped his fingers with my water bottle and he knew that I was tired and in no mood for that crap so he let go.

The good news is that I found some awesome Pad Khaw Pow at a street cart at 01:00am for 30 Baht. 75 cents for an awesome dinner!

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