Ko Phangan

Once again, the stormy Gulf of Thailand had my boat bouncing up and down on the giant swells. People were puking over the railings but luckily I was not one of them.
Most of the people around me were of the “hardcore” variety of backpacker…the fisherman’s pants, political statement bandanas, dreadlocks…I hate to say it but I did not fit in. I dont mind though, after such a poor start to my island hopping on Ko Samui, I could use some company.
I was hesitant at first, but I love this place! Its the extreme opposite of Kanchanaburi, expensive and party central…but so many friendly people from all over the world. I met an American couple that are teaching English in china and also 2 Irish friends. The beach is gorgeous, lined with big smooth rocks you can climb up on and sit. I havent been in the water yet….was about to until a Thai construction worker walked right out in front of me on the crowded beach in the middle of the day and relieved himself at the edge of the ocean.

I stayed the first night in Paradise Bungalows, which I didnt realize was the start of the Full Moon Party. Last night was no special phase of the moon but they blasted techno and danced on the beach until the sun came up this morning at 06:00. I moved to a new place just to get a little sleep tonight. Haad Rin beach is awesome, its a narrow peninsula so I can walk 10 minutes and watch the sunrise on the water, then walk 10 minutes in the evening and see the sunset on the water. The food is fantastic.

Unfortunately, everything, including internet access is SO bloody expensive compared to the mainland. I’ll probably hang out here until next week after the half moon party then go over to Ko Tao for some peace and quiet. There are huge beach parties nightly with thousands of people dancing to trance techno, also there are fire shows every night. I am very interested in learning how to spin the fire staff, it looks a lot like the same spins I learned in Kung Fu.

I posted a few new pics, just hand picked ones. Its too expensive and bandwidth too slow to upload all the ones Ive taken. Some of the pics include a 3 legged dog that is hobbling around my bungalow. I sat in the Outback bar and had some incredible pub food, Irish stew, fish and chips, you name it. I hate that I am breaking from the Thai food, but its nice to have a taste of home after so long on rice and noodles.

So far, Ko Pha-ngan is a very positive place…there is an awesome energy here with lots going on. You can almost feel it when you step off of the boat.

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