Island life Thailand style

Thousands of strangers from all over the world, meeting under a moon to dance in the sand.  Drums pounding.

People have done this for thousands of years, sometimes on beaches, sometimes at stone circles……sure, the circumstances have changed but the way the excitement affects us as human beings hasn’t.

The smells…salt from the Gulf of Thailand just a few meters away, burning kerosene from the shirtless fireshow guys doing their thing in front of an excited crowd sat on the beach.  The humid air alive with energy, the cold condensation dripping down the side of my Thai bucket….the Redbull using my heart as a punching bag.  This will always be island life in Thailand for me.

Call me a “bad traveler” but damn….I love it!

No need to call the authorities just yet…..but I do have one big announcement:

I have officially booked a ticket home in a few weeks…..but that doesn’t mean that vagabonding ends.  When people ask “how long will you keep traveling” – my answer is always the same….

Until I run out of places to go, or one of the places finally kills me.

So far, so good – so me going home in a few weeks is just a break to take care of some business and maintenance.  Believe it or not, but even us lifelong vagabonds still have to do our taxes (gag) and check in on family.  The good news?  I’ve already got my next destination and trip planned…I will only be home for 1 month.  As they say in Thai “Bai Nai?”  Where?

A new continent for me…..South America.  🙂

What better place to break into a new continent than one where many American’s in the 1990’s used to find themselves on the wrong end of a gun or sharp object?  Colombia!

The situation has improved and the writing opportunities abound.  Add excellent diving and coasts, serious jungles, lovely music and food, and sprinkle in some “Bucho” types with cigars and white suits that walked straight out of Desperado, and I might have found the perfect destination – despite my Spanish being limited to asking where the bathroom is.  To make things even more fun, I am having a reunion with my 2 favorite Slovakian girls met in Indonesia four months ago…..perfect!

So, with a fresh going-home date already set, I have wisely stepped up to the debauchery plate, completely disregarded the fact that most of my internal components are 34 rather than 21 years old, and have partied myself numb with those same strangers mentioned above.

I wake up in the afternoons, put on my sunglasses, stumble around like Jim Morrison somewhere between this world and the Third Plateau, and then start it all over again at night when the rest of the resident nocturnal vampires here turn up at the beach.  In short, its the strangest life I’ve ever known – and I love it!

A couple of days more here, then I make my way back to Bangkok for a flight “home” to Kuala Lumpur where I get to see Ramadan and the fasting- maybe I’ll learn what its all about from my local Muslim friends there.

I know the blog has been slack lately, but I have scores of photos (and the stories to accompany them) coming soon to a website near you.

Thanks for hanging with me!

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  1. I was just thinking of Columbia this morning! A friend is going there next month and I was concocting a plan to invite myself to go with her. Who knows, we may run into each other. Anyway, I heard Cartegena is awesome and highly recommended. Speaking of which, I will send you an email with recommendations I received regarding South and Central America.

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