Ko Chang

My bus driver from Siem Reap to the border town of Poi Pet was a surgeon behind the wheel.

With his careful precision, he managed to hit every bump on the hellish road out of Cambodia. He was so good, he could even hit bumps on both sides of the road at once. Our circa 1970s bus was military brown and was probably used to transport soldiers during the Vietnam war. The original issue shocks moaned and creaked in protest as we sped along the dirt road at about 20KMH. The countryside was flat and barren, but there was life everywhere. Ducks, water buffaloes, farmers, everyone would stop to look as the bus went by raising a cloud of dust. There was no AC of course so all the dirt from the road came in the windows and settled on everything. Later that night, I watched as the shower removed what I thought was a nice tan, but in reality, it was a perma-layer of brown dust. I was sitting directly over the rear axle on the bus, and in a group of monks. I befriended the 20-year-old monk beside of me with what little Thai I know and we shared a pack of dried apricots I had bought. When I offered, he made a motion to my watch, it was only 11:00 so he smiled and accepted. It hit me later that the monks cannot eat after 12:00 noon because of the vows that they take. It has been my experience here that the monks really are good people. When I poured him a handful of fruit, he immediately made his way around the bus with it, sharing it with his fellow monks.

The Thailand/Cambodian border town of Poi Pet was a very busy place, and after sweating in line for over an hour, I was stamped out of Cambodia and back into Thailand for the third time. Once again, I felt like I was returning home and was happy. The road conditions were as different as night and day, and I managed to sleep some in the minibus to Trat. 10 hours after leaving Siem Reap, we rolled into the little town of Trat and found that we had just missed the last boat to Ko Chang by 30 minutes. If the driver had not taken so many smoke breaks, we would have easily made it. The picture became very clear when he said that he knew of a good guest house in Trat, and once we arrived, it was obvious that he and the owners were on very good terms. Another scam, but after riding for 12 hours on little sleep (party in Siem Reap the night before)….I didnt have much fight left in me. I paid the 200 Baht. The bed was practically an ant farm of insect activity, but I didnt care….it was home.

Got up this morning and the clouds had opened up to monsoon hard rain. After catching a ride from the guest house to the pier in the back of a pickup truck, both my pack and I were wet but cleansed of the red Cambodian dust so I did not mind. The ferry ride was about 45 minutes on a very choppy Gulf of Thailand, but the rain stopped when I reached Ko Chang. I found a decent bungalow, almost right on the beach, had some delicious Pad Thai, and now I feel human again! Life is better than ever.

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  1. hehe. Ripped off by the local bus/hotel conglomerate, insectified matress, crappy transportation…dude, you’ve been there WAY too long. I don’t care how good the exchange rate is. I wouldn’t pay 200 of ANYTHING for that! Well, I wouldn’t pay 200 of anything to be stuck with late 1Q health checks, followed by IES recert season, which will immediately be followed by 2Q heatlh checks. Um…is it too late to go with you, old buddy, old pal? 🙂

  2. Hahaha…come on over man, I know a good bungalow. 🙂

  3. Hi, I am planning to go to thailand and cambodia as well. Thank you for the information you provide in your blog, it’s very helpful. I am concerning the transportation from the border of thailand to the ko chang, could you please tell me the fee spend on it? And how long will it take from the border of thailand to Trat? Is there anything I should pay attention to? Thank you again for your help.

  4. Hi Jacky, I booked the transportation in Siem Reap and cannot remember how much Riels I paid for it. It was not very expensive, however nearly everyone I talked to on the island had the same scam and had to stay at “paradise bungalows” in Trat for a night for 200 Baht, before taking the ferry to Ko Chang the next morning. Its a LONG ride from Siem Reap, at least 10+ hours and most on bad roads, then 2 hours on the boat. Please email me, bucho_ky@yahoo.com and I’ll help if I can!

  5. Oh, I see. Thank you very much for you help!

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