I made it to Khao San Road in Bangkok last night around 01:30am — exhausted from 22 hours of flying.

I was not prepared for my welcome.

I dragged myself out of the cab and down Khao San Road and apparently the bars close around 01:00am here [this is not true] so everyone was in the street and drunk except me. I came blundering down the street with my big backpack on, luggage tag waving in the wind to attract every tout’s attention, and looking greener than ever. Lady boys beckon from the dark, there are people pissing in the street (women included), stray dogs lying half dead, and a drunk guy literally passed out face down.

It took me a while to find my hotel, which was down one of the back alleys off Khao San Road. I had to step over one guy lying in the path and pass another one that was actively contributing to the piss smell that seems to dominate this road. I can tell already that this is probably not my scene and I will move on down the line once my two nights are done here.

More later.

Update: Here’s the full story of my first messy night on Khao San Road in Bangkok.