Its Time to Travel

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Well, that’s what my fortune cookie from last week told me anyway….so it has to be true. 🙂

It even said that I “desire new frontiers”……these guys are scaring me. I might have to start basing all of my life’s major decisions on whatever the mysterious little cookies tell me. (I guess it beats listening to the voices, as I currently do). Is the fortune cookie still valid even coming from a Thai restaurant? Probably so – there is no such thing as a fortune cookie in China anyway.

Actually, it IS almost time to trade my socks and shoes for some well-worn flip flops. I had planned to be back in Southeast Asia by this time of year anyway, but I have been holding off just in case there was a chance to go play in Mexico for Spring Break work again this year. Now, I am waiting on the prospect of going to Florida for a week of holiday with my family and then just flying directly from there to Singapore at the end of March.

Florida resorts, T-shirt shops, and expensive tourist restaurants are not my idea of adventure travel these days, but I’ll take it to enjoy some precious family time before setting off on a one way ticket again. In the last two years of traveling, I have had 2 close relatives pass away while I was out of the US, so needless to say I no longer miss many family opportunities.

The loose plan (subject to money and the wind) is: Florida -> one month Malaysia -> two months in Indonesia -> Papua and New Guinea for some serious jungle time -> Philippines (just because its a cheap flight and sounds nice) -> back to the US sometime in the Fall.

To say that I am getting a little twitchy lately is an understatement. I’m waiting to get banned by for over searching their flight database!

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  1. That fortune is creepy dude. I think you are being watched.

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