I am staying with a friend’s family in the Shankill part of Dublin which is quite posh and a good distance from the city centre. Fortunately, there is a train station about 3 km away, so I decided to cash in on the chilly but sunny weather today and go see what I could find.

I hopped a three-euro train into the city, which ran along the coast and had some pretty nice views of the sea to keep me occupied. Speaking of other views, a woman my age and her mother sat in the seats across from me — the seating is close and intimate so I had no choice but to talk to them. Plus, this was a chance to try out my accent since I look the same as everyone else. 🙂 We had an enjoyable and funny conversation, then the beautiful girl left with her parents, all the while an old man sitting across the row was watching with an open mouth. He moved over to my seat and asked me in a shocked tone:

“Do you know who that was?”

“Nope.” Of course I don’t; I’m an American tourist with one day in country, buddy.

It turns out, that was “Ms. World”, the beautiful and charming Ms. Davison. The man with them was Christopher Burgh, a famous singer known for his big hit “Lady in Red.” Hmmmm…In two days, I have accidentally met two beauty queens. Is this normal in Ireland?

I got into Dublin and did what I do best: started walking until I got lost. It wasn’t hard to do. Once I lost site of the Liffey River which divides the north and the south, you have to navigate a maze of narrow streets, most without signs, and passageways. The bricks in the roads and the architecture is very old and impressive. Tomorrow I will run a mission across the river and check out Trinity College, which was built in the 800’s AD. My friend advised me not to do it at night; things can get a little dodgey across the river, especially when one is carrying a juicy backpack loaded with goodies and speaking with an American accent.

Instead, I wandered into the Temple Bar area, the heart of partying and backpacker land. Once the sun goes down, debauchery and throwing up in the steets commence. It could be said that this is the Khao San Road of Dublin. The neighborhood looked harmless enough during the day, other than the multitude of tourists in the streets, but the fact that there are more pubs than people is a giveaway for sure.

I will come back and check it at dark.