I’m Greg, and this is the start of my travel and adventure log. At this point, I have no idea
how far or how long that I will travel, probably at least until I run out of money or my wanderlust is fixed!

In true Office Space movie fashion, I left my “good” corporate job after almost eight years and decided that we do not live forever. I consider the cubicle more deadly than any jungle I will hike or rock that I will solo climb.

I fly into Bangkok on Jan 24 alone with a one-way ticket. I plan to let the wind take me wherever the adventure is, but I would like to spend time in the islands in the south of Thailand as well as doing a lot of rock climbing and trekking. I plan to see more of Southeast Asia but will eventually end in Australia until I pass back through the States.

…and most of all, I’m on a quest to find the best spicy noodles a baht can buy!

My next entry will be from Thailand, about 9300 miles from my home in Lexington, KY, USA!