I Am Rich in Laos!

I have news to report…I am now officially a millionaire!! Well, in Laos anyways. Before anyone comes rushing to be my new best friend, I went to the currency exchange today and got US $100 worth of Kip, which totalled 1,0296,500 KIP. That means I actually have over a million of some countries currency. Now if I could get some obscene fluctuation in the world currency market tomorrow…I would have something…otherwise, I have a bunch of dirty paper with an ugly man’s picture that isnt worth much outside of Laos. 🙂

I got up early this morning and hired a tuk tuk to take me to the waterfalls outside of town for US $5. It was about an hour drive on a bumpy and dusty road, but with a few interesting villages. The driver actually waited at the bottom as I hiked up the waterfall and spent the day swimming in the ice cold blue pools at each level around the falls. There were a couple lagoons where you could get in behind the falls and sit on a rock ledge, just feet away from the roar and power of all the water coming down. I hiked back down, ate a bowl of noodles at a field kitchen, and bought the driver a cold pepsi. He was a very nice guy and was extremely happy with us, especially after the pepsi. I almost felt guilty handing him my money at the end of the day back in town…he literally worked from 09:00am to about 17:00 when we got back into town and earned US $10 (there were 2 of us). Not much to show for a day of your life.

Its snowing in Luang Prabang! Only its not snow…its ash. The sky is hazy and the air actually burns your eyes. The sun looks like a red ember burning behind a cloud. There are some major fires somewhere that is making ash fall perpetually around this area. Its kind of annoying and definitely messes up and chance of a picture, not to mention our lungs maybe?

I am going to look into some kayaking that they offer here tomorrow. After that, some mild gift shopping for people before I leave, and then Im off on the most dangerous move I’ve made so far….the “fast boat” from here back to the Thai border. 7 hours of 50MPH on the Mekkong River, zipping over whirlpools and missing rocks. They even issue helmets and earplugs its so chaotic. Its going to be the grand finale of my Laos visit and Im excited about it!

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  1. Hi Greg, Did you get a chance to Kayak?

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